*GRAPHIC* – Ambassador Chris Stevens (deceased) being carried through the streets of Benghazi to a hospital

8) What did Hillary Clinton have to hide about the Benghazi attacks? 

This is the question we have wanted answered for so long, and that the US government has wasted millions of dollars in investigations and inquiries to find out. Here is your answer. Free of charge.

The terrorist group that attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans, was funded and armed by Saudi Arabia. 

Here is an email that Hillary Clinton has either deleted from her server, or has been deemed by the State Department as one of the 22 emails that is Top Secret and too classified to be revealed to the public. Here is a portion of that hacked email that every American citizen needs to read.

*Transcribed from image link above, there is no electronic copy of this email available to the public.

Algerians are keeping information received from the French DGSE confidential. According to the source, this information concerned the funding of the MBM operation and a possible link to the Ansar al Sharia attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi Libya on September 11, 2012, during which the U.S. Ambassador was killed. This individual adds that this information provided by the French service indicates that the funding for both attacks originated with wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia. During July and August 2012 these financiers provided funds to AQIM contacts in Southern Europe, who in turn passed the money onto AQIM operatives in Mauritania. These funds were eventually provided to Ansar al Sharia and its allied militias in the Benghazi region in support of their attack on the U.S. consulate. The money was used to recruit operatives and purchase ammunitions and supplies. 

This person adds that the same tradecraft was used to provide money used by MBM to organize the In Amenas attack. The request for these funds apparently originated in mid-January 2013, and the Algerians noted the speed with which the AQIM support network was able to pass them on to MBM organization leads at their camps in Mauritania. In a separate conversation, the Algerian DGSE officers note in private that Libyan intelligence officers tell them that the Benghazi attacks were funded by these financiers in Saudi Arabia. In a separate conversation, the Algerian DGSE officers note in private that Libyan intelligence officers tell them that the Benghazi attacks were funded by these financiers in Saudi Arabia. 

This email is truly shocking.

Or maybe it isn’t. Saudia Arabia has now been linked to both of America’s 9/11’s (right). Something that Donald Trump and others have insinuated on multiple occasions.

But to be clear, this leaked email does not say that the Saudi Arabian government is directly responsible for funding the terrorists, it says that “Sunni Islamists” are. Saudi Arabia is almost entirely made up of Sunni Muslims – so the individuals funding these groups could be coming from any person(s) in Saudi Arabia who has the money to fund terrorism. There are a lot of wealthy people in Saudi Arabia. Just like there are a lot of wealthy people in America who also fund dangerous ideals, like denying climate change (which scientists have told us will kill more people than terrorism).

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Kingdom Tower formerly held Sauron’s Eye

My assertion, based on no evidence at all, is that some, if not all, of these “Sunni Islamists”, likely of the Salafism/Wahhabism sect, are members or have ties to the Saudi Kingdom.

The same Saudi Kingdom that has donated millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation. So much so that they are in fact one of the 17 entities listed on the foundation’s website who have contributed at the highest level, somewhere between $10 million and $25 million.

Is this the lie that Hillary Clinton has been forced to maintain for 4 years? Amongst several other verifiable untruths that began the moment after a terrorist attack against the US…two months before voting day for Barack Obama’s re-election.

Was her unwillingness to reveal this intelligence about the attacks in Benghazi in order to not jeopardize possible campaign donations from one of her largest donors? A donor which was donating to the Clinton Foundation before Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, did not give while she was in office, and then resumed giving once she left office.

These are precisely the types of ethical conflicts of interest that our laws were designed to prevent.

But instead we have spent the last 4 years rehashing these arcane arguments of “talking points” and “protests to a YouTube video” and other shiny objects that have been mere distractions from what seems like such a simple answer now. What was Congress even investigating this whole time?

File photo of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Rice speaking at the White House in Washington
Susan Rice – former US Ambassador to the United Nations

But is potentially endangering campaign contributions the only reason Clinton hasn’t come out to the public and said that Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks?

Perhaps Hillary Clinton is simply doing her part to cover up what I consider to be America’s dirtiest, and worst kept, secret in the 21st century. That the United States is forced to ally itself with a despotic, repressive monarchy, which exports terrorism internationally, because they control the price of our oil.

You’ve been pretty happy with gas prices as of late, haven’t you? In an election year...(actually House of Cards Season 4)

If the allegations in this leaked email hack are true (and I haven’t read anything to the contrary), what other questions can we ask about Saudi Arabia in relation to the pressing issues of our time? Is it possible that the “wealthy Sunni Islamists” in Saudi Arabia who funded the terrorists that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi and who may have played a hand in helping 15 of the 19 hijackers in 9/11, could be the same ones funding the Sunni-affiliated terrorist group which killed 14 Americans in San Bernardino three months ago – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, otherwise known as ISIL?

As Oscar Wilde once said, “True friends stab you in the front.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton,  Saud Al-Faisal

9) How did you acquire this information about Benghazi?

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