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14) Concluding remarks

Click Warning: This will be unabashedly cheesy.

So everyone will likely think I’m some flavor of conspiracy theorist on every issue forever now. And my parents will use this article indefinitely to push me to go to law school or something.

This is the first time I’ve ever written anything like this, and I didn’t plan for it to be this. It really was supposed to be like a Vox style “Hillary emails, explained” article. But sometimes you go down the rabbit hole. And if you’re gonna tell a big story, tell it right.

Honestly, I don’t know what will happen to this article.

Maybe it will make it big time and you’ll see it on Fox News in a week (they’d love this shit). I’m posting it online and I am working to get it published on a more legitimate news site, but it may fall on uninterested eyes at the highest levels.

Maybe this article will become an underground Internet sensation, and the power of social media will put these words on millions of computer and phone screens and change millions of minds. But change those minds to select perhaps an even more flawed Presidential candidate.

Or maybe this article will just be read by a handful of curious minds, who at the end of the day have already learned to be suspect of why our elected government says it does the things it does.

But regardless, this is a story that needed to be told. It needed to be told sooner, but it needs to be told while the American people are still choosing who leads their new government.

I wasn’t planning on writing these remarks and they went a lot longer than I intended, but I felt the need to have them written down (for myself at least), because I actually changed as a person in the process of researching and writing about this issue. And it honestly just started by me asking myself at a Taco Bell drive-thru “do I need to be worried about Hillary’s emails?”

I had assumed that a question of this importance would have been answered for me by now…by people who have been paid precisely to answer theses types of questions. Especially in an election year. I was certainly let down. Given that the most damning piece of evidence has existed in complete public view for almost 3 years and the email scandal has been going on for almost 2 years now, how is this guy the only person who mentioned it?  All you needed was someone to sit for an hour and connect the dots. Something I thought we were paying people to do. But instead, we have let our government spend $5 million to come to this conclusion and be fine with it.

A two-year investigation into the Benghazi tragedy by the Republican-led House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence found that the administration did not intentionally mislead the public about the details surrounding the attacks

Susan Brooks – (R) Indiana on the Select Committee for Benghazi with a stack of Hillary’s emails

What are we even doing?

It’s possible that I don’t understand how complex and nuanced federal investigations into terror attacks are, especially in a foreign country. But why didn’t the Republicans who were supposedly so concerned about the Benghazi attacks ask any questions about Saudi involvement? Given that they were already aware of hacked emails which show detailed discussion surrounding the players involved in the chaos around North Africa at this time. Why won’t Trey Gowdy just release the transcript from their meeting with Sidney Blumenthal which reveals this? It really does feel like a partisan attack now. That this is simply motivated by politics to damage Hillary’s image and not even uncover the truth.

That’s why the biggest tragedy in all of this may actually be that even if Hillary Clinton gets indicted by a grand jury, the Saudi Arabia email may not even be brought to light. All the public will hear is that the Republicans were right and Hillary shouldn’t have had a private server, and now she’s getting in trouble for it. Completely obscuring the fact that both Republicans and Democrats have shown a vested interest in not letting the details of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia be known.

And now to just be a full-blown conspiracy theorist – what other issues do both Republicans and Democrats have a vested interested in not letting the American public see the true nature of?


This is why our nation needs journalists. To tell truth to power where it needs to be told, regardless of political affiliation. To ask these outlandish questions and to find out the answers. To allow the most critical function of our democracy to exist – the idea that elected officials can be held accountable for their actions.  This is why you should care about countries that repress journalism and free speech (including us, oh yeah).

I can’t stress this enough, I’m not even a whistleblower. I’m not providing any information that did not already exist for the public, I’m quite literally just telling you what happened. This is the power of the Internet. Which all of you have access to 24 hours, anywhere you go. Unless you have Sprint.

I think its lost on people that we’re really living in an unprecedented moment in human history. The proliferation of laptops, smartphones, WiFi etc, has for the first time let billions of people all connect to each other instantly. And more importantly, it has allowed you to answer any question you could possibly want answered at any time. Like this life-changing video I finally watched 2 months ago on how to cut an onion (amazing stuff).

We can answer any question we want, we just need to know which questions to ask.

This is why it’s truly amazing to me that the vast majority of the public still sees the Benghazi scandal as ONLY a partisan attack point, and most haven’t really formed an opinion on Clinton’s use of a private email server. That only seems possible because there’s a national news media that refuses to ask the right questions and actually dig deep into important issues. 

Unless of course it’s Ebola.

are you serious rn

Or the missing Malaysia Airlines flight

jesus christ what are we doing

Are we actually just “sheeple” being told what to believe when it comes to the most important issues?!?!

I don’t mean to just hate on “the mainstream media” because there are a lot of honest, hardworking people there who do their best everyday to cover the stories and issues that matter to so many people. But I can’t help but question what some of their motivating factors are, at the highest levels at least, when it comes to what stories to report on, which side of that story to tell, what people to interview, or even what primary debate questions to ask. And maybe that questioning is justified the moment we look at how many different media organizations contribute to The Clinton Foundation

Regardless, there has been some outstanding journalism, most notably from The Washington Post, Politico, NPR, National Review, The Blaze, Daily Caller, Free Beacon, Business Insider, The Washington Examiner and PolitiFact, who not only covered but analyzed these amazingly complex issues of how we use our e-mail, how classified computer information is stored, transmitted or deleted and the laws we have created to address those issues.

But it was really staggering how much research I needed to do to fully understand what this scandal was even about.

And the biases became apparent so quickly.

On the truly incriminating lines of questioning, the ones I have laid out for her indictment, there was really only one strain of news media that ever attempted to answer those questions. And if they honestly just tried harder to stop looking and sounding like goddamn conspiracy websites, then we would come so much farther in creating a civil discourse to actually find answers to the issues that affect us and to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions.

On the opposite end, even our Hollywood filmmakers, who had access to all the same information I did, when given the opportunity to reveal the underside of the Benghazi attacks in the movie 13 Hours, chose not to do so (to be fair it was Michael Bay).


I’m publicly calling on John Oliver, of HBO’s Last Week Tonight (yeah he’ll read this I bet), to finally take on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal (I can’t believe he hasn’t already…motivating factors hmm), and bring clarity and truth to this issue like he has for so many others. And ask me if you have any questions!!

When I say I actually changed as a person from writing this, I think I mean to say that I ended up learning a lesson that had already been told to me so many times in different forms and experiences, but that I had never fully taken to heart.

Be curious. Ask questions. Think for yourself.

And most importantly, be asking yourself why you believe the things that you believe.

A special thanks to a few individuals (you know who you are) for encouraging my curiosity and for always challenging me to think in ways I had not thought before.

– Chetan Hebbale


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3 thoughts on “Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Will Be Indicted. (Concluding Remarks)

  1. A very well thought out and presented synopsis on Hillary’s current predicament. One other point I will add would be this: should Hillary become the democratic nominee and the investigation has not progressed to an indictment, before voting, take a strong look at who her running mate for vice-president will be. Effectively, if she is elected and indicted/convicted of a crime while in office, you will actually be voting for the vice-president should she be impeached. Biden may be hanging back and waiting to see how this plays out before announcing any more moves. Smart on his part: possibly become the de-facto president without campaigning much or investing any more cash. It’s one possible scenario…..if you can believe it’s possible for Hillary to beat Trump in a general election, which from all indications now appears to be the republican nominee.
    It’s going to be a wild ride for the rest of the year and I for one am watching it intently.


  2. Thank you for compiling this amazing analysis of the available evidence! I’ve been so curious for the past couple months on what your predictions are as the Democratic nomination is coming to a close. For instance, what do you think it signifies that the State Department is coming out with criticism of Hillary Clinton this morning? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-elections/hillary-clinton-emails-violated-state-department-rules-auditor-rules-a7048686.html


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