A shorter version of this work has been published by the Georgia Political Review here. It directly responds to the arguments made by ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams, Emeritus Professor of Law Richard Lempert and Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus.


Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is one of the most important, yet undiscussed issues of the 2016 election. Despite how long the media has been covering it, I don’t think most people really understand what’s going on. Almost everyone I know is genuinely unsure of what exactly she did wrong and as a result are more willing to accept the scandal as nothing more than a partisanor sexist, effort to bring her down (me 3 days ago). The disinterest in the scandal seems to be cemented on the left as a result of Bernie Sanders refusing to attack her on the issue thus far in the campaign; something the Republican nominee will certainly do. So why are so many Republicans convinced this is a scandal that should topple the presumptive Democratic nominee for President?  Do I really need to be worried?

Yes, you need to be worried.

Despite being a mostly liberal Democrat and a Hillary admirer, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton and her aides not only violated numerous federal criminal statutes, but may have conducted a cover up to hide incriminating evidence – the likes of which forced Richard Nixon to resign as President. This article was intended to be a quick, digestable piece to help everyone get caught up on the scandal, but I really had no idea how complex this issue was. Here is the takeaway – I believe the FBI will refer Hillary Clinton for indictment for violating Section 1924 and Section 793 of Title 18 US Criminal Code dealing with deletion, retention and transmission of classified documents. If prosecuted and convicted, the punishment would be some combination of a fine, a year in prison or 10 years in prison. The implications for the Presidential race will be discussed.

While you’re taking that in, you’ll be happy to know the underlying controversy surrounds an issue we couldn’t possibly be more tired of hearing about – the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. I’ll break it to you now, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she actually had something to hide. And there is proof.

For any casual observer, these positions today would be the statements of a conspiracy-theorist, or someone spewing right-wing propaganda. This is why I’ve painstakingly written close to 20 pages to explain (and even litigate) these positions, and address every potential question you may ask. But my main purpose isn’t to convince you of anything (despite the title), this endeavor is primarily journalistic. Here are the facts, here are the perspectives, and take from that what you will, whether she is found guilty of criminal activity or not. I have really tried my hardest to separate suspect behavior from criminal behavior (for the law sticklers out there) because all I want to do is actually find out if the person who looks to be the Democratic nominee for President, and who I may end up voting for in the general election, will be forced to resign before (or after) she assumes office. This is our generation’s Watergate scandal.

This work is deep.  I am proud to call this article the most comprehensive summary and analysis of the Hillary Clinton email scandal *available on the Internet today*. Read it all if you want. I’ve mostly written this for myself. The most important issues I’ve highlighted in red in the table of contents below.

Before I begin, I will say it really saddens me that her handling of this issue has marred what was an overall outstanding and inspirational political career. Her decades of accomplishments, while breaking gender boundaries in Washington, have inspired millions in America and around the world. But a scandal regarding her record-keeping practices could end her legacy prematurely, perhaps as soon as May. Right before she was expected to shatter one of the biggest ceilings in American history.

Grab some coffee. Get comfortable. Here we go.

“Reality is an aspect of property. It must be seized. And investigative journalism is the noble art of seizing reality back from the powerful.” ― Julian Assange


About the Author

Full Form

–Shorter version of this published by the Georgia Political Review

**Section 1: What’s the Scandal and What Are Both Sides Arguing**

1) What did Hillary Clinton actually do?

2) Why did she have a private email server?

3) What’s the controversy? Hillary says everything she did was inside the law. 

4) Did she send classified information, knowingly or unknowingly, through this private email server? (Part I) 

4) Did she send classified information, knowingly or unknowingly, through this private email server? (Part II)

5) You’re just a college kid with no qualifications to speak about this. Does anyone with real authority in the government or media agree with you? Who has disagreed with you?   

6) Was it illegal/criminal for the Secretary of State to conduct all her professional communications on a private email server and not on a government server?

7) Why did she delete 30,000 emails?

**Section 2: Speculative Journalism Based On Current Facts** 

8) What did Hillary Clinton have to hide about the Benghazi attacks? 

9) How did you acquire this information about Benghazi?

10) What is the relationship between Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and the office of the Secretary of State?

11) Will the FBI really refer her for indictment? Will she be prosecuted? 

12) What are the implications of an indictment and prosecution? Especially on the Presidential race.

**Section 3: My Take On the Election After Understanding This Scandal**

13) If Hillary is not indicted, should the email scandal still change my vote?

14) Concluding remarks


15 thoughts on “Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Should Be Indicted.

  1. Lets also not forget the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, another “philanthropic” organization founded by Bill Clinton with one of his, let’s say, “friends,” based out of Canada, where they are not legally required to reveal ANY of their donors. Important to note is that the CGEP is among the top donors to the Clinton Foundation, strongly suggesting it is yet another avenue for funneling money from foreign regimes and other unsavory accomplices, this time without any requisite accountability.

    I can appreciate the even-handedness with which you’ve approached the analysis, but let’s face the reality here: it is abundantly clear that the Clintons have been tacitly accepting bribes from skeezy corporations and foreign powers for decades, and as anybody in that position would do, they have returned those favors. The really atrocious part is that, in doing so, Hillary Clinton enabled these regimes — that her own State department had criticized for human rights abuses — to commit unspeakable acts against their citizens, and the only reason we heard anything about it at all is because a few Americans died as well.

    Now, Donald Trump is a truly disgusting creature, and I would never cast a vote for the likes of him. That said, I will also never cast a vote for the duplicitous, lying snake that is Hillary Clinton. Her corruption is so thorough, so glaringly apparent, the only way you could not see it is if your eyes are covered, or you are looking in the other direction. Bernie Sanders is the only hope we’ve had in the last several decades to elect a president that actually gives a damn about doing the right thing, and if his historic run ends in failure, it will be an extraordinary disappointment. Nonetheless, the current swell of populist sentiment will not be quieted, and we can only hope that it will not be put to use to elect a man as dangerously unpredictable as Trump.

    Whatever happens, you can bet the 2020 election will be one hell of a ride.

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  2. Yes Bernie is not only popular with us true Americans but he is very badly needed ,if he doesn’t get the nomination we may see a mass exodus from the good ol u.s.of a and even higher suicide rates , of course this is only my opinion

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  3. I’m flabbergasted at how asleep America is, even those who vote. That most citizens don’t even bother voting is also telling. Those voting for Clinton got by economically and they know the Clinton name (but apparently not ENOUGH about the Clintons) so they’re comfortable voting for her albeit ignorant. Those voting against her know where we’re heading and know another DAY of the corruption the Clintons brought to the first White House stay was unprecedented. We need to do everything possible to prevent the Clintons from ever stepping foot in the WH, except as guests.

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  5. Why not charge her with 18 USC 1519. Sarbanes Oxley Act. See S.Ct. ruling 02/25/15. Yates v US. Destruction of recordsome or documents during federal investigation! !!!!


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